Snap installed apps wont open popup boxes

Hi there, My company uses Amazon Workspaces instead of any physical hardware. The idea is good, but the implementation is quite bad. I’m forced to use very old distro ‘Amazon Linux 2’ which has depreciated version of Gnome, a lot of old versions of apps, even AWS-cli is version 1…something.

Anyway, in order to overcome this problem I installed snap (with some magic, because snap is originally supported by CentOS, but Amazon is not CentOS, because it don’t include selinux) and… with this specific version of snap, all seems to be working except the fact I can’t open pop-up boxes. Which is quite annoying and sometimes it blocks my work.

[EMP\kirilovk@a-2vn614th17s6o ~]$ lsb_release -cid
Distributor ID:	Amazon
Description:	Amazon Linux release 2 (Karoo)
Codename:	Karoo
[EMP\kirilovk@a-2vn614th17s6o ~]$ rpm -qa |grep snap
[EMP\kirilovk@a-2vn614th17s6o ~]$ 

What I try to say - if I open Firefox and click ‘View certificates, nothing happen’. Same applies if there is button on the page and I have to upload some content, when I click on it - nothing happen.

How can I fix that? Thanks