Snap installed applications can't access filesystem

I installed foobar2000 with snap under linuxmint 20 but my music files are under ntfs partition shared with windows and foobar2000 can’t access that file. thereis a Z: that point to / but is impossible to browse. Some help on how to change permission or something similar?

You need to ensure that your ntfs partition is mounted somewhere standard under /media or /mnt, then it will be accessible to the snap when the removable-media interface is connected.

thank you very much, I solved this problem by miself searching in intenet, now i’m askinh how to solve the diffferent path on windows and linux. Noone is trying tomsolve this problem? Using linux file manager and open with a program designed to run under windows the path passed by linux file manager is not comprensible to windows software that expect something like c:\somepath\other

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Oh, sorry I’m not familiar with how to share partitions with Windows like that, I would recommend asking on another forum, this one is very Linux specific.