Snap install/removal issues

I am having an odd issue and to be honest I am not even sure where to look (say log wise) for what is happening. I have experienced this same issue on Ubuntu Mate 17.10 and now (just playing with it) the nightly release of Ubuntu Mate 18.04 … which of COURSE is still in test mode. The issue comes up installing or removing (just two tasks that I know of this happening with)… I do not “snap login”… not sure if i am suppose to … I just go to the command line and “snap install foo” or “snap install bar” I cant see what happens at the end, but the TASK SEEMS to be successful (install or removal) …

Everything shuts down/closes and i am back at the login screen again … I login … and seconds later I am yet again back at the login screen again … the only way to get past this is to reboot … I may repost this in the Ubuntu Mate forums just in case this is more specific to this one single distro (again its fully updated systems + 17.10 AND 18.04 test releases)

I dont want to spam my PC specs but basically a Dell Inspirion 5759 with 16GB of ram and an I7 processors (real specs or log files will be provided if asked)… everything seems to run fine say if i am installing a snap … the programs run without issue. I am just curious what in the world is going on.

if you do not snap login and do not use sudo either, typically a policykit dialog pops up at that point to ask for your sudo password i guess the issue lies somewhere in there and the current mate desktop has issues with that action.

Just moments ago I followed the instructions on using Snaps on OpenSuse TW (one of my other Linux installs) and it worked no problem without auto-logging me out. I didn’t quite “copy and paste” but I did post this on the Ubuntu Mate forums, figuring it COULD be distro specific. I am guessing the problem lies with the distro atm since it works fine elsewhere (again on Tumbleweed)

thank you for the reply

dont want to ramble on … but I will post an update here too … A) I thought i fixed the issue and it did seem to get rid of said-issue expect for one crash … i will get to that… by installing a missing “squashfuse” package … THOUGH installing a (random snap) Spotify snap, made the issue crop up again … though this time i was (without getting stuck in a login/ auto log out loop) able to login again and there was a crash message (which i did bug-report) saying Xorg had crashed.