"snap info juju" says no snap found

As a member of the team that publishes the juju snap, I would regularly look at the info for the juju snap.

However recently it has started saying the following for me:

$ snap info juju
error: no snap found for "juju"

Other members of the team can correctly see the information. Why would my machine not show it?

What sort of system are you running that from? Is it Ubuntu Core, or an unusual architecture?

It is my standard amd64 xenial machine that has successfully run this
command many times before.

I wonder if it’s due to ISP’s transparent proxy, is the snap store API request sent over encrypted connection?

Yes, all communication between snapd and the store is encrypted, and the server is authenticated, all with TLS.

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Alright, so it sounds like it should be returning something, so we need to analyse the exchange with the server.

Try adding the following to /etc/environment:


And restart snapd with sudo systemctl restart snapd.

Run snap info juju and you’ll see the store requests logged in /var/log/syslog. Note that you’ll want to redact the Authorization and Snap-Device-Authorization headers, and any other obvious secrets. The most interesting request should be to /v2/snaps/info/juju, and I’ll need the path, the query string and (non-secret) headers that snapd sends.


In the end I think it was due to user error.

I think I was playing with setting and unsetting proxies on the core snap.

I found it when I went to install a snap, and it complained about the proxy. After clearing it, all was good.

I don’t remember setting the proxies on the core snap, but it is likely something I did.