`snap --help install ...` unexpectedly performs the install

I’ve been running in to some problems running an install command:

snap install --edge --classic <snap>

and I wanted to try and get some extra output from snap in order to help me debug. I appended --help to my command to find out if there were any options like --debug or --verbose:

snap install --edge --classic <snap> --help

but this only showed me the help for snap install, which didn’t help me. Figuring that there might be some global options to the snap command, I tried moving --help to be right after snap:

snap --help install --edge --classic <snap>

--help was unexpectedly ignored entirely, and the install command ran! This, to me, is unexpected behaviour. Fortunately for me, the command running unexpectedly in this case wasn’t a problem; if I had been trying to get help on how to do something more destructive then this could have been Very Bad.


(The snap installed after waiting a couple of minutes, so it was an ephemeral issue that didn’t require any further debugging.)

gosh, nice bug, well spotted. I’ll fix it.


FWIW, global options would be listed in the command’s help, below the per-command options (we don’t currently have any, but I’ve toyed with the idea of making --unicode and --color global)

fix is up

edit: now on master

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Thanks for the speedy response!

Just FYI:

snap help help

Will show how to use help! Note that there is NO ‘–’ before help, just plain ‘help’.

If I understand the fix correctly, this makes snap --help install equivalent to snap help, not snap help install. In all sensible option parsing (oh, boy do I hate go’s command line parsing) --help foo and foo --help are equivalent.

that is correct, given that help is a command, so snap help help runs the help command asking about the help command.

#snappy irc logs from 2019-06-07 @
Chipaca what I’d rather have happen is that snap --help foo and snap foo --help mean the same thing 09:09
Chipaca but, sadly, go-flags does not let me do that 09:09
Chipaca so you get the global help ¯\(ツ) 09:09
jamesh Chipaca: maybe what the world needs is another command line parsing library? 09:36
Chipaca jamesh: I’ve got one on my list to look into 09:37
Chipaca jamesh: but it is very tempting 09:37
Chipaca jamesh: kingpin i’m told is alright 09:38

We are using cobra and it supports your needs. I have no experience with other libraries though and cannot compare them.

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