Snap for 0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas

A new version of 0 A.D. was recently released, and it is now available in the store for your gaming pleasure:

snap install play0ad


(or launch the game from the icon in the dash).

Enjoy, and feedback welcome!


Awesome, I already tested it on the beta channel and it works great. Thanks very much for providing the snap package!
I’m wondering whether you’ve already been talking to upstream about whether they want to maintain the package themselves?

I talked to upstream, but they didn’t show much interest in the snap. See that thread on their forum.

I would gladly hand over the package and namespace in the store if upstream wanted to manage it, that would be the ideal situation. Until that happens, I’ll continue to maintain it myself.

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You could also move it to snapcrafters if you want shared maintenance


Well I’m not worried about the maintenance burden (all the initial hard work is done, it’s fairly low effort now), but of course it would be better if upstream adopted the snap. Perhaps I should become part of the upstream community, that would solve the problem? :wink:


I think, in line with how other snaps are being released by snapcrafters, you should perhaps do a GitHub fork-and-rename-me thing for the 0AD snap and work through that checklist! :slight_smile: but yeah, becoming part of upstream and setting up automated builds from their releases (stable) and master source tree (edge) would be cool!

Just looked at that changelog you linked, wow that release is big! Hope they hit Beta soon and can get to bugfixing and creating a stable meta (I don’t play this game much tho tbh, maybe they need some more features/general work first…)