Snap Firefox not show virtual keyboard

Hi, I have a laptop with touch screen. But this is useless because my virtual keyboard not work on Firefox.

Note : virtual keyboard not work only when I use Wayland. On the X-org it is works. But I will not use X-org because it is works poor on Ubuntu 23.04.

This is possible to fix ?

I typed this reply using the virtual keyboard on my laptop with the Firefox snap (beta channel) on Ubuntu 23.04, so it can’t be a universal issue.

Edit: I just remembered that the stable channel Firefox snap still defaults to Xwayland IIRC. Have you tried forcing it to use Wayland (or try the beta channel which does)?

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Yes, in the beta channel all is works fine thank you

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Hmm, very strange Firefox was updated, and stable channel accept 114 version (that was on the beta channel) but keyboard is still not working for me… why ?

On the beta channel works fine

It’s not a change with 114. It’s something Mozilla must feel needs more testing, so they’re keeping it to the beta and nightly (edge) channels for now instead of letting the change “ride the train”.

There is a way to force all versions to use Wayland with an environment variable.

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I hope so. But it seems that they simply forgot about these changes)

I don’t think they forgot, they just want to make sure normal users don’t run into problems they don’t understand. Here’s the wayland metabug: New bugs are still being added recently.

And the current setup makes sense to me: users who know enough to use the beta or nightly releases know enough to understand and work around any wayland issues. And you can always force any version to wayland with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 .