Snap Firefox and external apps

The snap version of Firefox doesn’t seem to have access to external apps, which can cause some issues.

For instance, the password manager Myki as an add-on cannot open its authorisation window in its desktop app. Or links to Zoom meetings are not working. It’s extra clear when looking at the “Applications” list in about:preferences. On a normal Firefox, the list is extra long, it handles a lot of protocols and pairs with many apps installed. On the snap Firefox, the list is super short, and nothing gets added to it when installing apps.

This is a serious issue that might make this version of Firefox very limited and not useable on a daily basis. In the software store, the authorisations given to the snap do not seem to include anything about access to other apps, so maybe there’s that.

Is there a workaround or can it be fixed? Thanks!

Is your issue the same as this snapd bug (