Snap failing to build on


I’ve got a snap that has started failing to build on

It previously worked just fine, and builds without error locally on my laptop. The error looks related to a missing gcc package:

error: linker `i386-linux-gnu-gcc` not found
  = note: No such file or directory (os error 2)

But I’m not sure why it’s working locally if that’s the case.


Can you share your snapcraft.yaml please? It might help us to replicate the issue or otherwise identify the problem.


For those playing along at home, I found the source at I, too, cannot replicate the failure locally that @knkski encountered but cannot replicate themself.


@daniel: Thanks for the quick response, that is indeed my snapcraft.yaml


Update: I removed i386 from the list of supported architectures, and the build ran on amd64 and worked great.


That’s weird. I wonder what about the i386 architecture was causing it to fail?


@knkski I fixed this issue at snapcraft v3.5.1. Now is updated to v3.5.1. Could you re-try it?


@dalance: Looks like this is now fixed. Thanks!