Snap does not work in Iran

Hi, Snapcraft does not work in Iran and the message “Unable to contact snap store” gives Linux was supposed to be free for everyone, so why is snap, which is part of Linux, disabled in Iran? Please activate it in Iran so that we can use it.

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I don’t really have an answer but :

  1. you are talking about the snap-store not the snaps themselves
  2. I have seen snaps being used in Iran, so are you sure its not an isolated issue ? example:

I have tried all kinds of Ubuntu devices as well as all kinds of Internet from inside Iran and none of them are able to download Snapcraft software through Snap.


It doesn’t work because that trash gov messed with Iran’s internet so much that it almost broke everything. try:

  • to use a VPN like openvpn
  • to change your DNS ( or
  • I’m not sure about this but i think you can use https_proxy as environment variable and then route your connection through TOR or a desired proxy.

@peter-kal can you clearify my third option? Does snap support https_proxy for updating?

I don’t really know, gonna make a little research tho.

edit: cannot really have an answer but found some sources/material that might be interesting




Are they helpful ? If someone with more know-how sees this please enlighten us

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There is some recent news about Iran sanctions in the U.K. where Canonical is headquartered. I do not know if this is related or not.

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It is obvious that the government team have the most powerful access to change IP due to it’s budget and will. According to the documents released by White House, these sanctions are used to annoy Iranian people in order to force them fight government. Maybe this is targeted nuclear program. But it is really annoying.

In the other hand the source of problem maybe is not Canonical at all. Maybe the Canonical is using Amazon services or some other similar servers that they are limiting Iran IPs. If it is the case, I would request Canonical to negotiate and fix this for our IPs.