Snap create-key timeouts

We have started getting an error on the test ran on zesty during the 2.24 SRU validation, the create-key test, which exercise the snap create-key command reaches the kill timeout and throws an error I’ve tried with the previous snapd version, 2.23.6+17.04.1 currently available in the archive, and it fails too.

This happens also with ubuntu-core images built from edge, this is the strace -f output from a zesty run and this is the ps afx output (from another session)

I am seeing similar issues with my PR to add CI support for debian. However I can reproduce this with the snapd version (2.23.6) from the archive on my 16.04 desktop too.

Problem in my case was missing entropy. Adding to my PR helps to get the key generation done faster which took more than 10min in my case.

Same here, thanks to @pedronis for pointing out the right solution :slight_smile: