Snap couchdb update crash

Grrrrrrrrr. So today my server decided to update couchdb from version 3.1.1 to version 3.3.3 whereupon my server crashed and I had to deal with a lot of angry customers while I try to figure out the problem.

I still have not figured out the problem, but I was able to get it working again with the command snap revert couchdb. I have no idea how long this will last before the snap possessed demon daemon takes down my server again.

Snap is an absolute horid container system. I’ve had the same issue with janus in the past as well. Please someone tell me how to either make snap reliable, disable automatic updates, or give me another alternative for the lastest version of couchdb.

I have no idea if anybody is seeing this. I do not see it showing up in the forum message list.

Just discovered a number of my target sites (I have over 50.) are having the same issue. To fix I need to to log into each one of my target machines and run sudo snap revert couchdb.

Maybe this snap system would be ok if it was reliable, but at the moment it is not and it is a huge cause of aggravation for me and my customers.

I’ve flagged the topic for admins asking them to move it to a ‘snap’ category. It should get some exposure now.

disable automatic updates

Please see Managing updates AFAIK 2.58 added support for --hold= using which you can hold an update of a snap for a specific duration or ever forever.

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