Snap consultant needed! I will pay for your support!

Hi again!
I have problems with snap. Maybe I want to do unusual thing, maybe my English is to weak, maybe…
Any way I want pay for professional Snap support. If you know answers for questions posted there:

then your are on the right way to earn some money.

Few organization disclaimers:

  • I can have more questions than in above links (and we have to agree payments separately for every subjects)
  • Don’t answer in advance for questions from above links - I prepare my questions in new form in nearest weekend (after choose your offer)
  • If you apply then I don’t guarantee your offer will be chosen by me
  • I can’t guarantee to hire anybody if every expectations will be to high
  • I think I have very simple problems, so your payment expectations should be moderate
  • Future consulting may be also possible (but not guaranteed)
  • I don’t require invoice - this is private initiative (this can be changed in the future if my manager will decide to use Snap in our projects)
  • I can pay via (online, traditonal) direct debit or via Paypal

If your are interested with commercial help for me, then drop me a line to: .
If you can please attach few words about your experience with Snap and your payment expectations.

Daniel I try contact you via email you sent to me, but due to zip/7z attachment I got error like this:
This message was blocked
because its content presents a potential 552-5.7.0 security issue.