Snap-confine uses legacy cgroup hierarchy, will break with more recent systems

We got a bug from the system maintainer in Fedora:

We need to check what the non-legacy cgroup hierarchy expects, that the controller is mounted and that we interact with it correctly. Quick google search lead me to the following articles and

I bet that if we are in a bind we can also ask Zbyszek on IRC and get a quick hint.

@zyga-snapd Yeah, this is something we need to solve and in the future. Just for reference as Zbyszek says on the bug report there is no urgent pressure to solve this problem:

It’s not something that matters much right now, but as people will be moving to unified cgroup hierarchy, this will matter more.

So for Fedora 24-26 we’re ok.

Recorded this on my list of things to take care about in terms of cross-distro support.