snap(CLI) install behaviour with snap that also download their runtime as content snap

This is a very old request and could be could be a common expectation of many other snap consumers, publishers and people around snap ecosystem.

Assume as a snap user I want to install a snap app which require to download its runtime that is delivered as content snap or an extension.

Lets take snap-store snap as example here, it require gnome-42-2204 snap and a few other snaps as its runtime dependencies (which is fine and a very usual thing).

Right now the snap install snap-store will download snap-store snap, install it(which should not happen until the whole dependency snap are made available, this is another problem reported here and here years ago), then starts downloading the required snap gnome-42-2204 being one of them.

Observe the behaviour of snap CLI during the install process:

  • After downloading installing snap-store snap snapd starts showing the following in the stdout until all the dependency(Yes they are dependencies treat them as same): cli

Personally, I know what it is doing being a snap user for so long. But what it mean to a new user? It is for sure presenting snap as bad tech, for not showing what is taking so long for the app to install.

Expected behaviour: The CLI to should show proper progress of the snap install command, even if the gnome-42-2204 is being downloaded as another snap task. As a user I don’t care how snapd works in background and make the app available to my system,

I mean “Automatically connect eligible plugs and slots of snap snap-store” doesn’t make any sense to me.

It will be nice to show the progress of the sub-task(content-snap download task) in the same CLI where I am waiting clueless to finish the snap-store install that i requested. This is a very small thing but impacts numerous consumers of snap.

I hope i was able to present the issue properly, I am open to any sort of discussion on this so please share your thoughts.


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