Snap Chromium not taking any keyborad input. #BugLife

Proof: (Dunno where to upload, hence Youtube)
Ignore the background noise.

What happened:
I installed Chromium, and sadly it is not taking any keyboard inputs.

Snap apps are buggy for some reason. (Skype doesn’t give me any audio output for “some” reason.)

What should I do?

Let’s treat the chromium and skype issues separately, as they are obviously different problems. Please report the issue with skype in another thread.

Regarding chromium, can you share the output of the following commands:

snap info chromium

snap changes chromium

snap connections chromium

Can you also run chromium with the following command, and share the output?

snap run chromium --enable-logging=stderr --v=1

Finally, are there denials in the journal that might be relevant? Please attach the output file generated by the following command just after running chromium:

journalctl -b -n1000 | grep chromium > /tmp/journal.txt

First 3 command output >>>
snap run chromium --enable-logging=stderr --v=1 >>>
journalctl -b -n1000 | grep chromium > /tmp/journal.txt >>>

There you go.
(Thanks for trying to help out.)

Another dead end of a bug report?!

This line from the verbose log looks suspicious:

(chrome:291519): IBUS-WARNING **: 16:10:22.929: Unable to connect to ibus: Could not connect: Connection refused

Do you use ibus for input methods? If so, which?

For starters, I honestly don’t know what ibus stands for? So, can u give me some commands through which I can give answer “If so, which?” question.

ibus is an input method framework for complex (usually non-latin) language input.

Let’s see:

  • what your session’s input method configuration is: env | grep IM_

  • if ibus is running: ps -ef | grep ibus

  • if it has a valid config: ls -l ~/.config/ibus/bus/

  • where its socket is: cat ~/.config/ibus/bus/*

Here is all the commands output u requested:

(Let me know if something is wrong. Thanks for replaying.)

Edit: @oSoMoN Helpppppppppp

Sorry for the lack of feedback on this. Does the problem persist with a fully up-to-date system?

Is this an X11 or Wayland session?

Currently, this issue doesn’t persist anymore so far.
Maybe the update fixed it.

Don’t know what are you referring to.

But if u are asking Distro/Packages/Snaps/Snap are up-to-date or not.
Then the answer is Yes.

Edit/Update: No the problem occurs. Sadly, its not fixed yet. Just happened again.

I use Wayland session.

Just to try and rule out possible causes (not suggesting this as a workaround): if you switch to a Xorg session, does the problem persist?