`snap changes` refresh times inconsistent with `snap info` times

When I run snap changes, I see:

ID   Status  Spawn                 Ready                 Summary
186  Done    2018-02-21T19:37:31Z  2018-02-21T19:37:56Z  Refresh snap "core"
187  Done    2018-02-22T15:30:09Z  2018-02-22T15:34:22Z  Auto-refresh snap "multipass"


$ snap info multipass | grep refresh
refreshed:              2018-02-21 16:41:05 -0500 EST
$ snap info core | grep refresh
refreshed:   2018-02-20 12:07:19 -0500 EST

It feels like these times should be consistent. (Is the “refresh” being referred to in each case a different thing? Should it be?)

The format of the time is inconsistent, but this has already been fixed on master.

However, note that the time reported by refreshed in snap info is the time the snap was refreshed by the developer, not the time you downloaded that refresh.

So “refresh” is used to mean both “an upload by a developer” and “an update applied to a local machine”? That’s seems pretty confusing to me.

(It’s nice that the times are consistent now, that was going to be my next post. :grin:)

Do you mean to say that calling different things with the same name causes confusion?



I’ll poke people that are better with names than myself, to see what we can call the line in ‘snap info’.

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