Snap categories - most downloaded, featured, etc

Snap looks like probably best store on Linux (Kubuntu) and there are plenty of great app!

But me as user who want’s to just explore store and find interesting apps - nothing specific, just check some featured apps, it’s quite impossible to find something…

By going to there are ~30 featured apps but that’s all.

Would be great to have some apps categories - eg. Apps > Internet | Multimedia | etc…, Games…, and show all apps in those categories with also most downloaded apps, or just featured by some metrics.

Or at least add pagination to main featured list - so users might explore more best apps out there.

That might definitely increase store usage and make it more user friendly!


We will be adding category pages soon, stay tuned!


Hi, I think that the categories section is already on the store, I just want to know how to make my game “bash-shell-rpg” appear in the “game” category since it isn’t in any of them.

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I’ll add it today. Thanks!

I would like also add my snap “mki3dgame-snap” to the category “game”. (I could not find the way to do it myself …)

@mki1967 please access, there you can assign a category for your snap.

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Thank you !!!
I did not know about this page.
So far, I was using:

Just FYI, there’s a callout at the top of that page to point you to the new one :slight_smile:

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It would also be nice to be able to see the total # of snaps in the store just so we can watch as snaps grow :slight_smile: