Snap build from github stuck in progress from past 24 hrs

My snapcraft build from github is stuck in progress. what to do now ? This is not the first time when i am facing this issue, please fix this bullshit, this is very irritating, very poor service you are offering. i would rate 1/5 stars for your services. Worst experience EVER!!!

Fun fact: You guys dont care about App developers problem. so technically we are wasting our time

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It’s easier to get help through kindness than insults. When you write posts like this, please keep in mind the energy you project is usually going to be the energy you recieve back, so let’s try flip the energy back to something more equitable.

I can see 1 2 3 different recent snaps that look like they originate from you. The third link appears to have a successfully built snap file associated with it. What’s the name of the snap you’re actually trying to build? Is it this one here?

Please also keep in mind the last time you had similar problems, you were asked for more information and didn’t choose to respond. That’s a same day response from a paid employee who works on the specific areas that you were complaining about; they can’t help you if you don’t help them back.

As you already mentioned, i had same problem in the past, so you have already cleared but you want to indulge in the Energies, Not in the solution. And also i have faced this kind of issues 9-10 times in months, but i ignore it because of the time bandwith i have. Your snap build system always get stuck on regular basis. Its a request from all the app developers out there. Its a polite request from my side.

My Genuine suggestion: Try to solve user’s problem and update your snap system from user’s feedback loop. The problem is, you provide temperory solution for the users rather than working on your snap systems to make it better.

Also about ubuntu App store (default Ubuntu software store):

I am insulting your product, but believe me, THE WORST store i have ever seen in my life. Tons of bugs. Very Slow, No signin option for user, No good rating system, Why dont you guys work on it?

Thanks for your feedback.

You might be interested in exploring alternative options, such as building on Github Actions. Take a look at the build & publish actions. You might find this approach more reliable for your needs.

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