Snap Bin Missing in PATH on Fish/Wayland/Ubuntu 19.04


Hey Folks,

So, I’m using the Fish shell in an Ubuntu 19.04 Wayland session. Snaps don’t work. I can’t find GUI snaps in the Launcher nor can I run snaps in Terminal.

Doing some research, I thought that this issue could be this bug which affected both ZSH and Fish. Turns out, that looks to be fix. I then decided to re-login using an X11 session and snaps work just fine. It’s only the Wayland session having problems.

Due to above, I then thought maybe I’m having this issue reported in these forums but from what I can tell, that issue is specifically about GUI snaps.

On Ubuntu 19.04 in Wayland using Fish, /snap/bin isn’t present in $PATH. So is this a new bug? Did I miss a setting tweak something?