Snap apps dont show up in cutefish launcher

hey guys i recently installed cutefish based on debian 11 bullseye and snap apps just dont show up in the launcher but i can see they are there from the terminal by typing “snap list” and i can even run then but i get this error “WARNING: cgroup v2 is not fully supported yet, proceeding with partial confinement” does anyone know how i can make the apps show up in the launcher this isnt just a problem with this distro deepin too

This is not something we can influence from the Snap ecosystem. It is a deficiency in the cutefish launcher. As you can see below the code in the launcher only references /usr/share/applications when application shortcuts (.desktop files) may be placed in numerous other locations. There is already a bug filed for flatpak support, which this should be tacked onto:


Alright thank you and I really don’t understand the big code u sent I’m really new to Linux but I checked the GitHub link u left

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