Snap application have very bad font rendering in Ubuntu 21.10

I know Ubuntu 21.10 is not out yet, hence me posting this issue to to make people ware of it. I have been running Ubuntu 21.10 for a few weeks now, and everything (in my usage) seems to be working out well. Only glaring issue I am seeing is fonts in Snap application are not rendered properly. And they are defaulting the old black bar Yaru theme. I have attached a few images to support my finding.

AFAIK that’s because Impish doesn’t have the mixed theme and the default, all-light theme is just called “Yaru”. The GTK theme snap hasn’t been updated, so “Yaru” is still the mixed theme. You could run snap apps with “Yaru-light” to get them to match for now.

Yes I was aware of the theming part, but not sure the fond rendering. Are those two related?

I haven’t noticed any change in font rendering myself.

I have also noticed this. The number of fonts in this document reader is small, and it doesn’t have the fonts I am usually using. I even installed an app that adds some fonts. I don’t really like installing additional apps, that makes things that it was already meant to be done. For example, it is practically impossible to arrange files generally on a mobile phone. I had to install a file manager from to organize the files how I wanted them to be organized. I don’t understand why I don’t have these features from the beginning without installing any apps.

@jamesh I had a look at libreoffice and it has

    mount-host-font-cache: false

so I’m not sure how snapd can be involved here as I thought with that attribute we vanquished the last point where snapd can mess things up with fonts, do you think a launchpad bug against a distro pkg would be better place to get eyes on this issue? Or is there still something else that snapd could be doing? Or maybe even a bug in the desktop extension?

I’ve noticed this too with the Libreoffice snap and unsure what to do about it… I’ve filed a bug on the Libreoffice snap github to track this issue for at least Libreoffice but it sounds like it might be a broader issue since it affects the snap store too…

At least for the Libreoffice case, I can confirm this is a wayland only and impish only problem, the fonts look normal with xorg.