Snap ack seems no use

I want install snap package locally.

After downloading assert and snap files.
I try to use below commands to install:
snap ack package.assert
snap install package.snap

I still need to download from internet again. Is it because “–classic”?

if the package is actually classic, you need to add the --classic switch to your snap install command …

Yes, I used --classic, but the installation can not use local snap file, still need to download it. I don’t know why.

I download related files on another server (use snap download command), then copied them to my current server and tried to install. Then I found this problem.

I think I find the reason. microk8s needs two snap, one is microk8s_1709.snap, another is core_8268.snap. I need to install package core first.

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What is the error message you see when trying to install the microk8s snap locally before installing the core snap?

That’s not error, after using --classic, installation just downloads core snap first from internet. I don’t know why microk8s need core snap. Now, I have installed microk8s successfully.

This is because all snaps need at least the core snap to run (though in some situations the core snap is being replaced with the snapd snap), and possibly a separate base snap, core18. It does not appear as if microk8s currently specifies a base snap, so it can use the core snap as it’s base.