Snap a ROS2 package with Qt-QML gui (help needed)

I have som problems snapping a ROS2 package with Qt5 QML. I’ve managed to build the snap so it runs the launch file with the nodes working, without the hmi_node… This is a Qt/ROS combined script and therefore I’m not sure how to set it up correctly in the .yaml file.

When i run the installed snap i get this error on my hmi application. This application is built with the colcon plugin and using the ros2-foxy extension. (note: not using qmake to build qt)

I follow this tutorial to build the package:

I get this error when executing the build snap:

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction? I’ve seen the tutorial on setting up a mir-kiosk app but i didn’t get it to work with qt… If anyone has done this before and would like to share their yaml file i would very much appreciate it.

link to the project repo which i want to snap and run in kiosk mode: