Slow snap store downloads, and slow SSO interactions - RESOLVED

Hello all,

The datacenter where the Snap Store is hosted (and where the Ubuntu Single Sign On service is hosted), is experiencing some network difficulties, so this causes slow snap downloads and slow logins (which sometimes result on slow store API responses).

We are posting updates in as the problem is being troubleshot and resolved.

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Unfortunately the slow, and intermittently failing downloads issue is back.

UPDATE 15:50 UTC: We believe the issue is now resolved.

This was a repeat of the yesterday’s issue, and we’re actively working to mitigate any future outages that share the same cause.

is snap store slow for anyone atm?

Yes! It’s been awful. Absolute nightmare.
I upgraded to ubuntu 20.04, and need to get up and running for my job as a software developers.
Snaps are making it impossible. Its unusable, and I’m seriously considering going back to 18.04.
Very disappointing…
Good luck!

Store downloads have been a bit sluggish at times over the last few days because of load from the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. But we’ve expanded capacity now, so things should be running well again.

Abysmal speeds for me. Dashboard blinking greener than Shrek on St. Patrick’s Day.

We’ll need a bit more information to go on than that. What speeds are you getting, and what would you expect? Where are you located, and on which ISP?

What sort of speeds do you get from these two commands?

wget ''
wget ''
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first 20+ Mb/s
second about 500Kb/s