Slack snap - window has no icon

Here is a screenshot, showing the default icon used when a window does not provide one:


might be worth to point out which desktop and release you use (i have an icon on unity7 in 16.04 for example)

One that follows the EWMH standard for window icons (Xubuntu 16.04.)

There is no icon in Gnome on Ubuntu 17.10, either.

Does it work if you use the Ubuntu session? I suspect I know where this is coming from.

err. This is the Ubuntu session. Ubuntu 17.10 uses Gnome!

I see the icon on stock 17.10


this is mine:

Oddly, I just restarted slack and it pops up correctly…

Although now the indicator item is gone, meaning I need to execute slack again to restore the window when I close it instead of being able to use the indicator to leave it running in the background but not visible.

Interesting, I hadn’t even noticed the indicator. I’m not seeing an icon for the indicator, but it’s there. I can interact with it, just using the empty space.

oh, so it is. It is there but without it’s icon. That is indeed a weird one :slight_smile:

The indicator icon will be fixed in the next release of Slack. I’ll try and reproduce the missing desktop icon.

@kenvandine Do you have the Slack deb and Slack snap installed, or just the snap?

The steps I followed to encounter the missing icon in the dock:

  1. Close running deb-installed slack via indicator icon to ensure slack closed
  2. sudo apt remove slack-desktop
  3. sudo snap install slack --classic
  4. start slack
  5. missing icon in dock here, indicator icon visible
  6. close slack using indicator icon to ensure slack closed
  7. start slack. dock icon visible now. indicator icon gone (blank space)

I only have the snap installed.

I made a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine specifically to test this.

I got the icon on the dock and on the window switcher, but not on the systray (17.10/unity):


I am using a different icon set than default, maybe this explains why I have it on both dock and switcher, but not on the systray.

Launcher and switcher are fixed here too. Panel, systray, and desktop switcher remain broken.

I’m not sure if this is related to the snap itself or not, but on Ubuntu Budgie, the icon is missing in the alt-tab switcher. With that being said this is the only snap I currently experience this with (on the alt-tab portion).

I do however experience the same behaviour for other snaps (in the panel) for telegram and the official nextcloud-client snap. Is this behaviour an underlying issue with snaps (and should be included here), or reported as new posts? I believe new posts to vet if this is a snap issue (be it snapd, or how the snap was created). I’ll open those up to see if others are experiencing - or if unique to Ubuntu Budgie for some reason.slack

Wanted to bump this because I changed from the apt repository to the snap last night and I noticed the icon is missing and I can’t open the preferences menu.

I’m using Ubuntu 17.10 and things worked as expected after a reboot.

After a couple of reboots, I have no icon again and I noticed it is not saving my preferences - as in, I’m trying to set it to automatically launch on start and it never does…