Slack: Please use LZO compression

Hi! @tigwke, @khammond I have been using Slack snap for quite a while and I feel the startup performance is quite slow. Can you please consider using LZO compression for the Slack snap ?

Some reading regarding that

Thanks! It’s always best if these feature requests are submitted through our tracking system so we know how many users want it and can prioritize. You can enter /feedback in your slack message.


Thanks for the reply. I have used the /feedback command and got a few replies from Slack support.

I am also sharing my finding here as well.

After emulating a fix for the first issue and recompressing the snap with LZO compression, I was able to get start up speeds similar to that of the deb package (give or take).

So I hope the development teams at Slack consider those findings and incorporate them into the package.


Hi folks, some of my team colleagues and I worked directly with the Slack team in the past couple of weeks on improving the functionality, including compression, extensions, etc. I believe there should be an update soon :slight_smile: