Skanpage snap (KDE) unable to access scanner / printer

Hello, I hope this is the right place to report this issue but Skanpage snap (KDE) is not able to access my printer / scanner (Kubuntu 22.04) probably (at least from what I I was able to understand after a short search on the web) because it lacks a :cups-control plug (snap connections --all shows me that the snap firefox has this plug). :slight_smile:

ping @sgmoore as (she/he ??) maintains kde related stuffs

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Ah ha, I will try that. Yes I have been banging my head on this one, hence why it has not made it to stable.



I am a she :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer! I hope the problem can be solved, snap being as far as I know the only solution to test Skanpage on Kubuntu 22.04! :slight_smile:

It didn’t work. Well it could be that my scanner is on network. Going to try with usb when I find a cord…

In my experience using a scanner on network (with non-snap software) is generally not a problem (on the other hand, I have never managed to launch a print without being connected directly via USB or Wifi to the printer but I’m not a technical guy) so I imagine it should work with or without a USB cord… Maybe the problem is not only the absence of the :cups-control plug… Sorry but I don’t think I’m going to be able to be of more help than that unfortunately… :neutral_face:

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As an afterthought, I just looked at the Firefox snap in Discover and noticed that the :cups-control plug-in requires permission (checked by default in this case)… so maybe the user needs to explicitly allow the :cups-control plugin for scanners to be accessible to the Skanpage snap (whether over the network or through a direct connection)… Hope I’m not saying something obvious but sometimes there is a elephant in the room. :slight_smile: