Since Ubuntu's dropping 32-bit libraries support, will Wine, Steam, Lutris, etc. be snapped by the time 19.04 is launched?

It seems that it’s the next-best solution to this debacle we’re all experiencing (at least for gaming). Expecting users to set up containers just to run Steam and Wine is a pain in the rear, especially for normal people. Ubuntu’s supposed to be newb-friendly after all.

For wine issue I think one would be able to create wine wrapper snaps which could uses my multiarch wine platform content snaps to power it.

Though 90% of work for creating it is already done and it is working as example of per my wine app snaps using these methodology.

Why did I not create these wine wrapper proposed as example snaps?

Because the amount of issues this could create as I don’t have time to test every games and softwares and nor have free time to maintain vast amount of work in these wrapper snaps. Hence the example proposal so someone could create these.

Example proposal

This snap could only contain scripts work as wine wrapper.

  • wine-stable-3

This snap could provide system wide commands like these as normal wine release would provide to run windows applications.


wine-stable-3 wrapper snap could be using these content snaps to get runtime libraries and wine release.

  • wine-platform-runtime
  • wine-platform-3-stable

wine wrapper snaps can be created for different wine releases but these snaps will have to use one content snap same wine-platform-runtime and use other content differently as per wrapper snap for wine-{stable,devel,staging}-4 releases and I have already have wine-platform-4-{stable,devel,staging} as content snaps in snap store.

I think these snaps can work with Ubuntu 19.04+ fine.

Hope this helps.

I meant having Wine itself as a Snap and installing various programs, like Origin client and games through Lutris.

Pretty much how most people install games with Lutris, but instead of installing Wine using Apt, it’s installed as a Snap.

Please see:

I just saw. Thank God! :relieved: