Simplest approach to wrapping PWA app

I am presently deploying my application to Desktop Windows, Mac and Linux in an Electron wrapper. However, I do not need or want the extra features and effort which goes into Electron.

I also do not want to explain to users that they should download Chrome and then go to the website etc.

What is the absolutely simplest means to convert a PWA website into a Snap?

If using electron, how are you packaging it today?

Electron builder has support for snaps.

I have a couple of dated examples I worked through a while back @

if electron is too heavy for you, perhaps take a look at nw.js, thats minimally smaller i think…

if your webapp would be browser agnostic you could also ship a minimal webserver that runs on localhost serving your app and have a launcher script run by the .desktop entry that simply calls xdg-open http://localhost/myapp.html (you could indeed use some exotic port here to not interfere with actual webserver software etc) … but that just uses the default system browser so there is no guarantee this is chromium/chrome