Simplenote does not support CJK fonts

snap    2.27.6
snapd   2.27.6
series  16
ubuntu  17.04
kernel  4.10.0-35-generic

This is how it looks in my case.
Please add support for CJK or at least japanese fonts.
Thank You

would it be possible to add CJK support to core? and then all other snaps would inherit that?

Core does not ship any locales, translations, fonts or other localization bits, just enough OS to run snaps or to boot a headless core image. While this would indeed be technically possible, core is already ~70MB big which is still way larger than we want it for either of the above cases.

Dont forget that every snapd install uses it so the size penalty would be for everyone not just users of these fonts …

There is work going on to allow snaps to use system fonts and alterrnatively i could imagine a “fonts” snap that shares its fonts thought the content interface to consuming app snaps.

Also … the work on “base” snaps might allow such a thing like a $distro-desktop-base snap (including core bits and fonts, themes, localization etc)

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The ability for snaps to access fonts installed on the host will soon be available:


And just a follow up to Martin’s comment: make sure you plug the new desktop interface in your snap. Without it, you won’t get access to host system fonts even after snapd 2.29 is released.


That’s great news, in that case I will be waiting for this feature to land.

@jamesh, Do You mean that snap developers have to include desktop in their yaml recipe to make the snap use the fonts? Or does the end user have to perform additional steps after installation?

I’m just an end user

The snap packager needs to add the desktop plug into the snapcraft.yaml, rebuild their package, and release into the store before end-users will benefit from this feature for any specific snap.

Thanks for the clarification. I hope all snap developers will get the memo then :wink:

The desktop plug is becoming the default way in which snaps will get access into the desktop platform, so this should be automatically brought in for most most snaps that offer a graphical interface.