Simple steps to the store (overview) procedure for newbee github contributors request

Following the path to create a snap for the project scour.

(A) Clarify the procedure to copy, or fork the template. (B) Clean up Overview page. © Give a hint, how to proceed.

  1. “Overview”,
  2. repositories button
  3. About: Snapcrafters template. Select “Use this template” to copy to your GitHub account and rename it for the snap you’re creating.
  4. I used this template -> create snap builder files in my repo
  5. stuck, what is next
  6. “How to contribute” --> must fork, not template!

Perhaps somebody can clean up the github Overview and snap template, please.

as a plus, please have a look at: 7. “Overview”, “Who is part of it?” not available: Telegram channel (tested) not available: “Reviewers” team link (tested)

Following of “fork-and-rename-me” repo; Please inform at which point the pull request should happen. “How to contribute” “create a PR and tag @ reviewers” (split @ reviewers to not inform 15 people, as forum topic creator mentioned) Or should I go further, ignore all, and publish the snap without a PR?