Sigrok-suite: request for classic confinement

Please allow the snap to connect to oscilloscopes, logical analysers etc. via raw USB and serial adapters. Plugging in “raw-usb” isn’t enough, unfortunately

Could you please provide some more detail about what you require from an interface that would expose USB connected oscilloscopes?

I’m not objecting to the classic request, I’d just like to better understand your requirements :slight_smile:

Tagging @niemeyer as I know USB hotplugging is on the roadmap and this may be a potential use case.

@smartislav - can you answer @Wimpress question? Part of the process for granting classic is understanding why it is needed in sufficient detail that we can hopefully update snapd in the future so classic is no longer required.

Indeed this is a case for a custom interface, not classic confinement. We’ll be happy to work with you in implementing that. Please open a separate topic so that we can go through the details of what your application needs, and also why the existing raw-usb and serial interface are not working for that.

Sorry for the late answer.

@Wimpress @niemeyer honestly, I don’t really know what exactly prevents sigrok from working with raw-usb and serial interfaces. I’m not a sigrok developer so I don’t feel comfortable debugging it. One thing I know is that without classic confinement it doesn’t even list the device I have as available. It might list others but I can’t test it.

I’d like to contribute this snap back to original sigrok developers once it’s working. Maybe then we’ll be able to figure out what’s missing in raw-usb and serial interfaces.

I’ve tried building it without classic confinement and it seems to work. I’ll test it later today but it seems I don’t need classic confinement anymore :tada:

Thanks for working on this!

2 Things:

  1. Just wondering what the status is on this? I see sigrok-suite is still only available in the beta channel.

  2. Using the apt package, firmware files are expected in: $HOME/.local/share/sigrok-firmware, but if the snap is confined then I assume this is not available?

$HOME in snaps automatically points to


(with “current” in that dir being a symlink to the current version). The app should simply have put its files underneath there …