Showing snaps with non-latest track in /store

User story:

As a publisher, I do not want latest/stable to be displayed as the default version to install through the store.


This issue will be partially solved with the channel map which will display releases for all channels.


  • what happens when there are no revisions released to latest and only to alternative tracks?
  • how will the publisher/store decide which track should be displayed by default?

@evan may be interested in this topic too

The canonical example is Node.js:

  stable:      –                                         
  candidate:   –                                         
  beta:        –                                         
  edge:        10.0.0-nightly201803278eca6b8d (345) 15MB classic
  6/stable:    6.13.1                         (317) 12MB classic
  6/candidate: ↑                                         
  6/beta:      ↑                                         
  6/edge:      ↑                                         
  8/stable:    8.10.0                         (312) 15MB classic
  8/candidate: ↑                                         
  8/beta:      ↑                                         
  8/edge:      ↑                                         
  9/stable:    9.9.0                          (329) 15MB classic
  9/candidate: ↑                                         
  9/beta:      ↑                                         
  9/edge:      ↑        

I’m afraid I don’t understand. What’s the wanted behaviour, and/or how does the current behaviour detract from the wanted one?

Node don’t want to push a specific version to the latest/stable channel, because if they do, then when they bump from version N to N+1, it could cause unexpected behaviour for developers who expected to be on N. So they have tracks for N, N-1 and N-2, the supported releases, and N+1 in the latest/edge channel for adventurous users.

However the result of this is that the snap is somewhat undiscoverable and unpromotable. It doesn’t show up in or and we’d like it to.

This may be partially solved when we:

The logic that we are planning to enforce for showing non-stable releases will mean that latest/<risk> versions will be displayed over versions in any different tracks.

**The question is:**

Do we want Node, and other publishers, to decide what track is displayed the store as a default if they do not want to use latest?