Show latest/updated snaps in

Can we please update the page? It appears to have not been updated for quite some time now. I would like to make the following suggestions for improvement:

  1. Include a section for Recently Published Snaps, showcasing the latest snaps that publishers have released.
  2. Add a section for Recently Updated Snaps, highlighting snaps that have been recently updated.
  3. Enhance the Featured Snaps section by ensuring it receives regular updates.

Implementing these changes would offer several benefits:

  1. The addition of a Recently Published Snaps section would enable both publishers and consumers to discover and explore new snaps easily.
  2. Including a Recently Updated Snaps section would motivate publishers to keep their snaps up to date, as they would gain exposure to a wider audience by being listed on the front page of the store.
  3. Having a Featured Snaps section would incentivize publishers to refine their snaps to meet the criteria for being featured. The selection process could be based on factors such as the number of installs and user retention over a specific period of time.

While there are many more improvements that could be added, let’s gauge the engagement this post receives.

Thank you.

Edit: I also opened an issue on Snapcraft web github repo here -> You can vote by giving a thumb up there.


I think A Proper and True Dark Mode Is Also Must, it pains me with all this bright websites and forums.

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