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Currently the snap Store in Ubuntu 20.04 does not show the date that the app was most recently updated by the developer. For many programs this may not matter so much in the user’s decision to install and run the program but there are many users or use cases where knowing how recently an app was updated by a developer will help the user know if they can trust the app or if the app will be useful. In the case of a very popular app like Thunderbird just showing the version number will be enough for a user to know that it is the most recent or close to the most recent version but in the case of not so well known apps such as the Monero miner in the snap store the user is only able to know that it has been abandoned after some investigation.

On that note, if software is open source perhaps it is possible for some of the abandoned snaps to be taken care of and kept up to date by a person who is actually active.

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Would be great into to have.

the store does definitely show that information with snap info <snapname> as well as on the<snapname> page (on the right) …

if you refer to the snap-store app, the “store” category in this forum is for infrastructural issues with the store itself, not for the app …

to report bugs against the app, go to: