Should ubuntu-app-platform still auto-connect?

With the recent critical thinking surrounding auto-connecting content interfaces I was reminded that there are actually two content interfaces that are autoconnected:

mir-libs is being discussed in the above linked topic, but wanted to discuss ubuntu-app-platform separately. I consider this snap problematic now because it is no longer being maintained AFAIK and it is being auto-connected. Looking at the public store, the following snaps are currently using the ubuntu-app-platform interface:

  • chronoburn
  • extia-webapp
  • facebook-webapp
  • facebook-webapp-mardy
  • fcole90-hexgl-webapp
  • google-webapp
  • mendiapp
  • qcheckers
  • quassel-kalikiana
  • soracom-console
  • ubuntu-app-platform
  • ubuntu-calculator-app
  • wuziqi

@niemeyer, I think we may want to revoke the snap declaration for ubuntu-app-platform snap adding auto-connection to the world, and add snap declarations for each existing app that uses it to all auto-connection so we don’t break anyone. What do you think? If we did this, I would ask the store team for a full list.

That sounds like a great idea, assuming the folks responsible for those snaps agree this is indeed an obsolete piece that we don’t want to support moving forward.