Should snapcraft have a `--manifest` option to build/prime etc?

Snaps built on the Build Service have a verbose manifest added to them. This can be useful for open source packages to document exactly how the Snap was built. It would be nice if we had the option to include such a manifest in builds that are performed outside of the Build Service. For example a build on Travis or GitHub Actions currently don’t include the manifest and I feel it would be helpful to provide a knob to allow the developer to opt-into adding the manifest.

Isn’t this set through an environment variable? $SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_INFO seems familiar.

oh, maybe it is. I was looking through the snapcraft help output to find it and there’s nothing documented there so I figured it wasn’t available.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s wotsit! You’re right! awesome. I’m gonna go add that to OpenRA right now (OpenRA builds on GitHub Actions)

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