Should mir-libs still auto-connect?

@niemyer, note that the mir-kiosk examples listed here require connecting the ‘mir-libs’ content interface ( This interface was made auto-connectable long ago and before the recent critical thinking on auto-connecting the GNOME content snap. Alerting you in case you feel we need to rethink this how we are auto-connecting this interface.

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FYI, in the public store, nothing is using mir-libs today. I know some private stores are using it.

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not in the stable channel … but …

ogra@nanopi:~$ snap info mir-kiosk-apps
name:      mir-kiosk-apps
summary:   Example apps to run with mir-kiosk
publisher: canonical
description: |
  Example apps to run with mir-kiosk
snap-id:     bMa7Nm8zOXlEoEg8OLUIoxgqihAMc9sT
  stable:    –             
  candidate: –             
  beta:      0.1 (16) 64MB -
  edge:      0.1 (16) 64MB -
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Right, though, this would auto-connect cause it is from the same publisher. Thank you for reminding us that store APIs work on the stable channel only. We would need a member from the store team to give us the full list if we decided to change the snap declaration for mir-libs.

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I’ve moved this out into its own topic because the conversation there was hijacking someone’s topic for an unrelated problem.

@jdstrand I don’t think we should be auto-connecting this today, as it sounds like we didn’t really put a lot of thinking on it, and the fact it’s so seldom used today also indicates we’re not quite sure about how that’s supposed to be used moving forward. It sounds better and safer to force people to bundle these libraries while we figure the details out.

I’ll get a full list from the store team and perhaps we can revoke the snap declaration.