Setting up connectivity with wifi-connect

I have just published this blog post about how to configure connectivity in an Ubuntu Core system by using the wifi-connect snap.

wifi-connect had been around for a while (great work from @kyleN, @rmescandon and others!), and its main purpose is to offer reference code that allows users to set-up connectivity by using a portal accessible via an AP. Recently I have done some changes to it to remove dependencies so now it only needs the network-manager snap in the system.


@abeato really love wifi-connect however i tried several times to build it receiving this message:
Issues while validating snapcraft.yaml: Additional properties are not allowed (‘layout’ was unexpected)

my snapcraft version is 3.11

Do you have any idea what could be the problem? for sure i am doing something wrong.

Hm, that’s really weird, that is the same snapcraft version I am using, and layouts have been around for a while. Could you please double-check the version with snapcraft --version? Sometimes the deb package and the snap are installed at the same time and it will use the deb.

I had to perform a clean install, now with multipass everything is all rigth!! thank you! Really love yours snap. I am going to try to modify it to fit my requests!