Serving local web pages for config - ie fish shell

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I’m just curious if any consideration has been given for the use case where some software may serve a web page off of a local file system for configuration. My example would be the fish_config and help commands when you use the fish shell. In this case, they have local web pages that they serve up to configure the shell and display the help information.

For example, when running fish_config, you will get errors since it will attempt to use your default browser to launch something like 'file:///home/dustin/.cache/fish/web_config-LQI3GZ.html'

So when using a snapped browser with strict confinement - this is obviously not going to work due to the way strict confinement works with dotfiles.

I’m not sure what can really be done around this particular scenario but thought I might point it out. I have also opened an issue on the fish shell repo to point out the issue from that side of the fence.

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webconfig should respect XDG_CACHE_HOME, which snap should presumably set to a writeable location.

It would be interesting to see the output of set | grep XDG inside the snap package; I suppose we could switch to a temporary directory from mktemp -d or XDG_RUNTIME_PATH or similar.

(From the other thread)