Serial number parsing confusion


I have two different Core devices and have the “serial” of the serial assertion parsed differently.

type: serial
serial: '27'


type: serial
serial: 94e95a48-3b9c-42a3-a578-3719c59c999f

Is there a requirement on the device serial number that I am missing or something is wrong with how the parsing is made.

Note that in the first case the serial is set using: snapctl set registration.proposed-serial by the prepare-device hook.

Thanks in advance,

the first is the result of wrong/odd quoting in the prepare-device hook, see the discussion here

we didn’t set any strong requirements on the serial so far (it needs to be unique only within a given brand/model pair and it cannot contain slashes /)

indeed it was. lets forget the topic from now on :slight_smile: