Separating store requests from other discussions


Since we put in place the processes for store requests, e.g. alias, tracks, transfers the store category has become much busier and it’s been harder to track incoming requests from other forum traffic.

As such we’re planning to make a new store-requests category where we will direct those requests (existing process docs will be updated accordingly).

We’re hoping this will make the process both more expedient for requesters, and easier to track for reviewers.

Store Team


Will old requests be moved to that new store-requests category?

No plans to, it’d be a lot of forum trawling!

The store-requests category has now been created and should be used in favour of the store category for all store requests.

I have updated the various docs on the forum to point at the new category, but if you find any more, please help fix them.

@reviewers please ensure you adjust your notifications/subscriptions accordingly.