Separate SNAP for CORE os VS. Desktop?

Is it best practice to create a separately registered snap for CORE os vs. trying to make the snap work for both CORE os and Ubuntu Desktop at the same time?

well, this is really up to you after all :slight_smile:

a snap on Ubuntu Core will likely require to start as daemon to run as a fullscreen kiosk app, while on a desktop you want a .desktop file and icon to have a launcher and run it windowed without ubuntu-frame (or the older mir-kiosk) …

that will require some logic to detect what you are running on (i.e. to make the daemon not start on non-core installs)

if your app uses X11 you also do not want to run the XWayland launcher scripts (on a desktop the desktop shell cares for this)

and during maintenance a bugfix for desktop users will indeed also force a refresh for your Ubuntu Core users and vice versa …

you have the choice :wink:

Thank you for your response Ogra. We really experience the help. I created a new snap per your recommendations, and I totally agree with you, maintenance and bug fixing will be much easier on two separate snaps so we don’t break things.

Since I now have a new duplicate snap called ‘cluemaster-mediadisplay-core’, do I need to request the auto-connections for the shutdown plugs again, or on CORE its everything auto-connected if we use it?

you will have to request the interface auto connections again, but you can surely point to the old request telling the reviewers that the content of the snaps is essentially the same app

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