Seeing the update history of snaps

Is it possible to see the update history of a particular snap?

I noticed one snap seemed not to be updating, even though it should have been. Recently, after not checking on it for some time, I noticed a recent update was made. However, I don’t know if this has been updated several times recently (and is active) or it was a one-time update (inactive)

Since it seems like you are interested in the refresh history of a snap you are not the author of, I think this topic belongs in the #snapd category.

thanks, I guess I’ll also be more clear that I’m interested in the history of the android-studio-canary snap update history

There isn’t a way to see that, currently.
You can see the latest updates you got locally, if they’re recent enough, in snap changes. But you might not have “seen” all the updates, and if they were too long ago (and not very long: something like a day of successful changes is retained) they will have been cleaned out.

Is there something in the pipeline?

I know that android-studio is active and being updated. It is provided by Snapcrafters. However, android-studio-canary is also provided by Snapcrafters.

To newcomers, it would appear that these would both be actively updated. If you want stable, then install android-studio, if you want preview, then install android-studio-canary. However, this assumption appears to be wrong.

While I can view when it was last updated, let’s imagine the app is rarely updated. You are a newcomer, and you see that android-studio-canary snap was updated yesterday (again just example). You think it’s new because it was just updated. However, as the weeks go by, you notice it doesn’t get updated. The snap appears to be inactive. This is a bad user experience.

Some method to see update history, git changes, etc… should be provided to let users know.

I know of nothing like this in the pipeline, but I don’t see too far down it. Maybe @pedronis or @noise or @sewaddle know more.