Searching for a snap that has a plug with multiple slots

I’m trying to find a snap to reproduce a bug. The snap needs to have a plug that can connect to more than one slot. This causes GNOME Software to use a combo box instead of a switch to control this connection - and a crash to occur. I’ve managed to reproduce by hacking the code to always use the combo box but there must be at least one real-life snap out there that does this.

You can easily achieve this by using content interface aggregation functionality. A simple real-world example would be an application that plugs multiple content slots into a “plugin” plug.

I can provide an example later today, I was actually writing about this and have a demo app that does exactly this.


Did you find / create a snap that does this?

You could probably use some of these snaps:

These are from when I was experimenting with theme support. You can probably combine them with snaps from the store for the icon-themes plug/slot, connecting in parallel with the gtk-common-themes snap.

(they use the old content ID for GTK 3 themes so aren’t completely compatible, but one plug/slot should be enough to test things).

Also, for the case of the theme content interfaces, we’d expect to have multiple slots connected to the plug simultaneously. I usually think of a combo box as a “select 1 of N” type UI, which isn’t necessarily appropriate here.

Now with that said, there are other cases where you really would want a single slot connecting to the plug and a combo box would be the most appropriate UI. I’m not sure how you’d tell these two apart programmatically though.