Script cannot find files inside var/snap/xwiki/x1

hey guys,

I wanted to run a script inside /var/snap/xwiki/x1/xwiki-platform-distribution-jetty-hsqldb-13.10.8/ .

the shell script inside snap/xwiki/x1/ is as follows:


parts and apps in my snapcraft.yaml:

source: ./scripts/
plugin: dump

override-build: |
  snapcraftctl build
  chmod +x

   command: ./
   plugs: [home,network,network-bind]

running sudo xwiki.start gives the following error(no such file or director):

/snap/xwiki/x1/ line 2: .//var/snap/xwiki/x1/xwiki-platform-distribution-jetty-hsqldb-13.10.8/ No such file or directory

but the var/snap/xwiki/x1 has the following file.

the entire snapcraft.yaml

try removing the ./ before $SNAP_DATA in the file …

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lol that made it work …thanks again @ogra :slight_smile: