Screenshots are going away


In snapd's JSON response to /v2/find requests, up to 2.36, screenshots were in a list under the "screenshots" key of the toplevel "result":

"screenshots" : [
      "url" : ""

As of 2.36, screenshots should instead be taken from the "media" element:

"media" : [
      "type" : "icon",
      "url" : ""
      "url" : "",
      "type" : "screenshot"

The "screenshots" element is now deprecated [once 2.36 hits stable], and will be removed in 2.39 2.40.
We are including a deprecation notice in the JSON as well, for ease of discover. If you reached this topic from that note, welcome!

The exact version in which we do the removal is awaiting confirmation from stakeholders; this topic will be updated once we’ve agreed it.


I suspect this is some API change in snapd and nothing related to not having screenshots on the Snap Store API itself and the store front it serves?




A reminder that the above is happening.


we’ve pushed the dropping of screenshots to 2.40 to accommodate some of our clients not being ready just quite yet.


Trolling thread title