Scheduled Refresh, next steps

The refresh schedule functionality that landed in 2.25 is great and allows a device owner to set a time of day for the system refresh to happen. There are potentially another couple of use cases that could extend this functionality for more use.

  1. Per-snap refresh schedule
    It would be great to have a refresh schedule per snap when you need only certain snaps to adhere to a defined schedule.

  2. More frequent refreshes ala cron
    For some users, especially those that are in a tight debug loop creating software on their laptops, pushing to the store, and wanting to see the results almost straight away on their device, a more frequent refresh could help. We do not currently have a push mechanism nor do we have this on the immediate roadmap so being able to express this behaviour in the refresh schedule syntax would be nice. A cron-like approach may be considered i.e. */5 for every 5 mins.

Together, the two above will really help with our and maker board story where software development happens on a laptop and Github with the end result hitting the device shortly after a git push.