Scammers have an easy time with snap

Here is a scam crypto wallet scheme: Install coin on Linux | Snap Store

People tend to assume apps on the snap store are “vetted”, and so will put trust in an app like the one linked above. Also, even though there are reviews for this app, you can’t see them because there’s “too few”:

So, even if there are a few people screaming out “THIS IS A SCAM! DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!”, you won’t see those reviews.

Also, another problem is how unintuitive it is to report suspicious applications; for instance, see if you can see where to report the app on Install coin on Linux | Snap Store

I hate to break it to you, but this looks (to me(without much investigation)) like a legitimate application, not a scam. It’s linked to from the upstream git repo, and is open source.

Further, the report link is on the page you link to, quite clearly.


FWIW posting such a thing in the snapcrafters category will likely make sure no store person sees it, you should file such things in the store category

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They provided snap since 2020 so it’s not something that fits the recent scam trend.

Yes there is a report link but it is hard to find.

I disagree. It’s pretty clear. Not buried in among a bunch of links in the footer. Press CTRL+F and type “Report”. I wouldn’t want to put it too prominently, because it’s not a function you want people randomly pressing. But it’s there, and works.